Hello and welcome to mountainlaurel! My name is Mark and I am the driving force behind this new and up and coming website. At Mountainlaurel we cover a vast range of interesting topics designed to pique your interest. Unlike other competing blogs we don’t just copy and paste articles for the sake of getting traffic to our website - instead we prefer to blog about things that interest us most in life.

It’s not just me who create the content. The idea behind setting up an creating the website is indeed my own, but I get some excellent help from many of my closest friends and family, and we share the burden of both design, content creation, and the general look and feel of mountainlaurel. It was always our intention that we would do what we like in regards to the topics that we cover, and as such you will find a vast and diverse range of subjects related to each and every one of our interests through the links below.

Our belief is that the integrity and trust that is needed to drive an average blog to become a powerhouse within its industry lies totally in the content and the way in which it is written. For this reason we take extreme care in producing and delivering only what we feel is worthy of your readership. You certainly will not find any outsourced content written by are non-native English speaker at Mountainlaurel – That’s for sure!

Since our launch progression of the website has been somewhat slow, but we aim to steadily increase the effort that is required into making this our dream in the months and years to come. We hope that you appreciate the effort that has gone into making mountainlaurel thus far, and stay with this through our journey from newbie blog to aspiring great. That’s all we have to say for the minute but please stay tuned for more interesting stories and topics as we deliver them!

The Mountainlaurel team.

The Many Different Forms Of Silicone Babies
Entry Posted On July 28 2015
There are many different forms silicone babies for sale including reborn baby dolls, lifelike and LA newborn. LA newborn create an a range of cute figurines that are almost identical to...

Smoking Cannabis Causes No Withdrawal Symptoms
Entry Posted On July 28 2015
Despite what you may believe, smoking cannabis actually causes no withdrawal symptoms are tolerance issues. Any problems that people who smoke marijuana experience are all actually in their mind. With that being said...

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